Facebook is launching News Tab, publishers will get money

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Facebook is launching News Tab, publishers will get money.

Facebook News Tab is on the way. For this, the company will partner with news publishers and it is being told that some of them will also give money.

  • Facebook is coming to News Tab.
  • For this, Facebook is partnering with news companies.

Facebook launched the trending feature in 2014. Trending articles were shown here and the coverage attached to it. But there came a time when Facebook started accusing that the company is tampering with the trend to benefit a particular people. The company ended in 2018. Now Facebook is preparing to launch a new section which will be called NEWS.

According to the report, on Friday, October 25, Facebook is launching the News tab. Hundreds of news publishers will be seen in this tab. A report by The Washington Post says that some people who are aware of this matter have said that the company will also pay for the content in the Facebook News tab.

A few months ago, a report in The Wall Street Journal said that Facebook had approached the news organization for this new news section. Facebook will offer money to news publishers for license content for its News tab.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have said, “We are going to make a big announcement this week and it will be associated with high-quality journalism.” This is a big initiative that will be based on New and Journalism. We are partnering with many people for this to create a product that will support high-quality journalism.

Significantly, Facebook has been accused of failing to stop fake news and rumors. Facebook has earlier said to curb fake news and rumors and the company has also partnered with the fact check companies for this. However, despite all this, fake news does not seem to be curbed.


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